Token Rewards

Each TQX token reward represents a metric tonne (2,204.6 lbs) of avoided carbon emissions. Our current algorithm assumes that 1 mile of clean commuting offsets 1 pound of carbon because a car that averages 20 miles per gallon generates 1 pound of carbon per mile. Hence, one TQX token equals 2,204.6 miles of Clean Commuting.

Our overarching goal is to catalyze a Clean Commuting movement by crowdsourcing an enormous pool of TQX carbon offsets that can be purchased by organizations seeking to reduce their carbon offsets or meet ESG or CSR goals and then be paid directly to users who generate TQX.
Our forecasted price for TQX tokens is $2,204.6 based on paying users $1/mile of Clean Commuting. The predicted price includes the value of significant carbon offset co-benefits like improved health. Payouts for TQX are not guaranteed, and the future price may be lower or higher than our forecasted value.