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Take decisive climate action now

Create a Carbon Challenge for your organization that exchanges high-quality REDD+ carbon offsets for human-powered mileage goals.


  • High-quality REDD+ projects produce carbon offsets by reducing emissions from deforestation and forest degradation and protect wildlife
  • Challenges represent a new and exciting way to democratize your sustainability efforts
  • Challenges incentivize people to move more under their own power, which leads directly to better public health outcomes
  • Challenges connect people with nature and improve their moods
  • The marketing and PR value of Carbon Challenges far exceeds its cost

Start a Carbon Challenge in four steps


schedule appointment

We are here to help explain your options and answer your questions.


Create your carbon challenge goals

Establish your carbon offset goals, determine the boundaries of your contest area, and select your ratio of recorded track miles per tonne of carbon offsets.


Purchase your program

We set up your carbon challenge in the TerraQuest app and help you purchase your carbon offsets through UPCO2.


Market your Carbon Challenge

We're here to help spread the word with a prepackaged marketing kit.