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How To Follow Routes


TerraQuest routes come in three forms:

  1. Routes displayed as a line
  2. Routes with a line and audible turn-by-turn navigation
  3. Either type above with or without a leaderboard

To get on a route leaderboard, you must record a track while following the route. Tracks can be recorded with the TerraQuest app, which we recommend because it's possible to follow the route and simultaneously track it. Alternatively, you can record a track using Strava, Garmin, or Fitbit and then sync those accounts to your TerraQuest account in your user profile.

Steps to follow a route

If you're planning to follow a race route plan and will be using the TerraQuest app for the first time, plan about 5-minutes to get registered and get your route downloaded and ready.

  1. Find the route one of three ways:
    • Search for it by name in the Search Field. Not that the search words must match at least one of the words in the name of the route, and misspelled words don't work
    • Pan and zoom the map to the area where the route is located, and click on the TerraQuest icon in the map to open the route.
    • Click on a web link for the route someone has shared with you. When the web page opens, an "open in app" button will appear at the top of the page. When clicked, it will open the route in the app.
  2. Download the route. Note, If you've previously registered for a TerraQuest account, it will open the route, and you may download it. If you haven't previously registered for TerraQuest, you'll be required to register an account, accept the General Data Protection Regulation permissions, and accept a waiver before downloading a route. It is necessary to download all routes to follow them.
  3. Download an offline map (optional). After you download a route, an option will appear to the left of the start route button on the bottom of the route information page to download an offline copy of the map locally onto your phone device. If you expect you'll be following a route in an area with spotty or no cell coverage, be sure to download an offline map.
  4. Start the route. If you are not at the location of the route, we provide Google Map directions to the first point in the route and a preview of the route. The first time you start a route, we provide an option to automatically start track recording or not.
  5. Turn-by-turn navigation instructions are included with some routes. NOTE, TURN-BY-TURN IS A BETA FEATURE THAT MAY NOT WORK 100% OF THE TIME FOR REASONS BEYOND OUR CONTROL. For example, putting a phone in your pocket interferes with phone location services (tower and GPS chip). For best results, we recommend the following:
    • Ensure your phone has a clear view of the sky. If that's not possible, but the phone in a pocket with maximum exposure to the sky (e.g., the top pocket of a pack).
    • Put your phone in airplane mode. This forces some phones to use the GPS chip instead of cell towers, which will produce better results.

How to get on a route leaderboard

Record a track while following a route and ensure it is synced to your online TerraQuest profile to get on a route leaderboard. You can view your online tracks in the TerraQuest app via the Navigation Drawer (accessible via the upper left-hand corner). You may also view tracks synced to TerraQuest by visiting your user profile on the TerraQuest website.

There are five ways to sync tracks to your TerraQuest profile:

  1. Use TerraQuest, and it will sync automatically.
  2. Use the Strava and sync it to your TerraQuest account with tracks recorded using the Strava app or some other device/app synced to your Strava account.
  3. Use a Garmin device and the Garmin Connect app to sync tracks to your TerraQuest account.
  4. Use a Fitbit device or app and sync the FitBit app to your TerraQuest account.
  5. Upload a .gps track to your TerraQuest profile on the TerraQuest website.