How To Create Challenges

Three kinds of challenges appear in our challenge creation menu.
  1. Race - Participants follow a TerraQuest route while recording a track. After their track syncs and processes, their time automatically posts to the race leaderboard.
  2. Mileage - Participants attempt to complete trails within a defined region, typically a trail network. Users accumulate unique miles the first time they complete a trail and only the first time. We will add information about how to create Unique Miles challenges soon. Note, occasionally paths included in the challenge area do not show up in the challenge map or scorecards. If that happens. edit the challenge, save it, allow your cache to update, and check the map again.
  3. Observation - Participants create trail reports, trailhead, and trail sign observations and receive one credit per observation counted in a leaderboard. We will add information about how to generate Observation Challenges soon.

Race Challenges

Follow these steps to create a Race Challenge.

Create a Challenge Collection

All races belong to a Contest Collection, even if it's only a collection of one. Therefore, the first step to create your first Race Challenge is to Create a Challenge Collection according to these steps:

  1. Navigate to your Organization, Select the Challenges Tab, Click the "Create a Challenge" button, then on the Create a Challenge page, click "Challenge Collection".

  2. You’re now on the Challenge Collection page…
  3. Add an image.
  4. Name your Challenge.
  5. Write a description.
  6. Select the Challenge Type (Race.
  7. Enter the total distance of all the race challenges included in the Contest Collection in meters. If you don't know the distance yet, it can be added later by editing the Contest Collection.
Create a Race Challenge

Follow these steps to create a Race Challenge that will appear within your contest collection:

  1. Select the Challenge Collection in which the Race Challenge belongs. Alternatively, you may also add "Add a New Collection" at this point.
  2. If you created the route in your personal profile, add it to your organization by editing the route and entering your Organization ID in the Organization ID field. To find your organization ID, navigate to your organization profile on the TerraQuest website. It is the number that appears where "id" is your URL: Only organization administrators can add personal routes to organizations.
  3. The race route determines the Challenge area. Select the name of the route within your Organization. Disregard the Challenge Area Color. We will be deprecating this function soon.
  4. Name your Race Challenge.
  5. Write a description.
  6. Pick the activity type.
  7. Create Challenge Categories - Though it's possible to create almost any type of category on the fly. We recommend using categories as sparingly as possible. Users select categories from scorecards, which are accessible via the Race Challenge menu.
  8. Select the Start and end dates. In our experiences, it's best not to change the default times 12:00 AM times.
  9. The More... menu is for advanced use only.

Note, when you create a race challenge, it becomes a sub-challenge in a Challenge Collection. Therefore, if you'd like to edit the Race Challenge, go to your Organization's Challenge Menu, open the Challenge Collection, then open the Race Challenge via the sub-challenge tab.

It's also possible to create a route, add a leaderboard, and promote the route with the leaderboard as a race. However, it will not appear as a challenge within your Organization, nor can it have race categories.

Please contact us if you have any questions.