To our knowledge, TerraQuest is the only app specifically created to help organizations create different kinds of challenges that motivate people to move outdoors.

Organizations added to Terraquest can:

  • Build routes with audible-turn-turn navigation and maps that work offline, without a cell connection.
  • Turn routes into Race Challenges that can be raced virtually (i.e. whenever a person chooses).
  • Create Mileage Challenges in which the goal is to explore all paths in a given area (e.g., all the trails in a park in Denver).

TerraQuest was founded on January 1st, 2020, in Crested Butte, CO, because we were blown away by the popularity of the TrailQuest 750-mile single track unique miles challenge we built into the Crested Butte Gunnison Trails mobile app (CBGTrails). Only about 400 of those miles are sweet single track with the rest ranging from brutal slogs to massively long hike-a-bikes over hundreds of downed trees through some of the most remote backcountry in the lower 48 states. So far, there have been six finishers (3 female: 3 male), with many more still in the hunt. We figured if people competed in such an outrageous challenge, surely others would enjoy more bite-sized challenges. Our small team has been cranking away in the hinterlands of Colorado on our algorithms, software platform, and TerraQuest mobile app ever since.

We’ve also been hacking away at creating “handbuilt, audible turn-by-turn navigation” and route builder for nearly a year because most off-road navigation is unreliable at best.

We think that turn-by-turn navigation of race routes combined with leaderboards opens the door for organizations to provide new exciting outdoor challenges at a time when getting outside is the safest place to be.

We are committed to improving and growing TerraQuest because at our core, we believe there will never be a pill or medical treatment that is more effective than outdoor exercise in promoting human health or well-being.