Create a Virtual Race

Now more than ever, it’s essential to evolve and pivot. Use TerraQuest to create a dynamic virtual challenge experience.

Add Your Event To TerraQuest
Add Your Event To TerraQuest

From local mountain bike races to large scale trail running events, TerraQuest allows you to build virtual competitions for your participants. TerraQuest offers three kinds of virtual races:

  • Virtual races based on trail race courses: For many racers, there is no replacement for competing on actual racecourses. Virtual racing dramatically reduces the overhead costs of hosting an event and allows racers to compete alone or with others. Athletes can also race the course multiple times: their fastest time automatically updates on the leaderboards.
  • Virtual competitions based on accumulating unique trail miles: Participants gain miles of trail the first time and only the first time they travel the trail. The goal may be to accumulate all the unique trail miles in a defined region or a collection of individual trails.
  • Virtual races based on accumulating total miles or elevation: Participants can compete for mileage and elevation goals anywhere.

How it Works

  • Schedule an introductory meeting appointment on TerraQuest’s contact page.
  • A TerraQuest representative will assess your virtual race specifications and provide you with a brief proposal and a quote.
  • TerraQuest will create an admin organization dashboard and send you an email invite to administrate the board.
  • We’ll help you set up your virtual challenge.
  • We’ll send you code to embed your virtual challenges and leaderboards on your website. For example, see the Crested Butte Nordic Grin and Bear It landing page.
  • Your racers participate by creating a TerraQuest account/profile and recording GPS tracks with the TerraQuest app or some other compatible app that they can synchronize sync to there TerraQuest account.
  • The virtual race leaderboards automatically update when your users sync GPS tracks of their efforts to their TerraQuest accounts.
Created in Crested Butte, Colorado.