Major updates are coming to TerraQuest soon!
TerraQuest powers carbon challenges for organizations and is a full-featured outdoor navigation app

Carbon Challenges

Take action on climate change now by creating a communal carbon challenge that gets your people moving more and actively participating in your carbon offset strategy.

Route builder

TerraQuest’s first-generation route builder is different than most. Most route builders only enable users to create lines on a map. Our route builder also includes the utterly customizable placement of audible turn-by-turn navigation instructions. It turns out that hand-building turn-by-turn routes is an incredibly efficient method for creating highly accurate and reliable audible navigation instructions. People are dying for locals to put their expert route knowledge in their hands and ears. We are here to help you every step of the way.

Audible turn-by-turn navigation

Audible instructions are a game-changer for outdoor navigation. With accurate instructions, people can start a route and leave their phones in their pockets for an entire trip. And, since TerraQuest’s downloaded routes and instructions are stored locally on the phone, people can put their phones in airplane mode and truly say, “Bye, bye, world!”

Leaderboard Results

Leaderboards are an incredible powerful tool for incentivizing participation in your challenges.

Offline Capabilities

Offline maps are a must for backcountry navigation. So TerraQuest's maps and routes work offline when users download them before they leave the internet.