Get Paid for
Clean Commuting

TerraQuest offers two ways of getting paid for walking or riding a bike instead of driving a car.

How do I get Paid?

Joining Clean Commute Programs with the TerraQuest app is the most direct way to get paid for your Clean Commute. If your employer doesn't have a program with TerraQuest, have them contact us.


TQX is rewarded for every Clean Commute you record with the TerraQuest app. Start recording your Clean Commutes now to keep track of your avoided carbon emissions and catalyze a Clean Commuting movement!

We are catalyzing a Clean Commuting movement

Take climate action NOW, by replacing passenger vehicle commuting with bicycling, eBiking, walking, etc.

Record your Clean Commute with the TerraQuest app and start earning rewards