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Share Your Routes

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Stand out by engaging your customers from a distance.

As your customers increasingly turn to mobile apps for adventure and online stores for their equipment, how can you leverage your local expertise to stand out? One way is to put your local outdoor expertise directly in your customer’s hands using the TerraQuest mobile app. We’ll help you share your expert knowledge by building customizable outdoor adventures your customers can navigate using our app. Plus, you can motivate your customers to explore the outdoors by gamifying route navigation. We can also build branded apps powered by TerraQuest for organizations that would like to market their own app.

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TerraQuest partners with local experts to create outdoor adventures for everyone. Explore trails with turn-by-turn navigation, record tracks, join contests, view and contribute trail observations, and download offline maps. It's a brand new app. Please feel free to contact us directly if you run into any issues.