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Clean Commute Challenge
Replace one million miles of vehicle commutes with walking, bicycling, or eBiking.
10,743 miles of 1 million mile goal
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Join The Challenge
1. Download TerraQuest app
2. Create an account
3. You’re automatically joined in the challenge!
4. Record clean commute: walking, biking or e-biking that replaces car trips
5. Earn TQX crypto for every clean commute you record

Creating a Clean Commuting Movement

A car that averages 20 mpg generates 1 lb of CO2 emissions for every mile travelled. Take climate action by replacing your car trips with clean commuting.

Record your clean commutes and track your progress using the leaderboards and tracking your TQX token rewards.

TerraQuest’s goal is to incentivize people to generate one trillion miles of clean commuting by 2030. Let’s start by logging one million miles.

Let's go!

Token Rewards

TQX is a crypto token rewarded for car trips replaced by walking, biking, or e-biking. It represents avoided carbon emissions and other valuable co-benefits like improved health and wellness and urgent action to combat climate change.

1 TQX = 1 metric tonne of avoided CO2

Get Paid for Clean Commuting

Join pay-per-mile clean commute programs and get paid for walking or riding a bike to work. If your employer doesn’t have a program with TerraQuest, have them contact us.

Record your Clean Commute with the TerraQuest app and start earning rewards